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Free Burn Complete
Posted: Aug 24, 2016 9:40am

The District's Operator has completed the free burn process and will be performing one last round of flushing this week to ensure the color of the water is clear.

Posted: Aug 22, 2016 8:23am

All facilities are stable. Boil Water notices are required precautionary measures mandated by the TCEQ (Texas Commission of Environmental Quality).

Water Quality Update
Posted: Jul 29, 2016 10:03am

HCFWSD 52 will conduct an annual free-burn of the water system beginning on 8-8-16. This process will take 7-10 days. The purpose is to circulate water throughout the entire system including dead end sections that would not get circulation otherwise. This process will stir up settled rust and other debris, which is then flushed from hydrants and valves throughout the system. During this process you may see discolored water or experience an odor coming from the water. Please note that the water is safe to drink and is being tested throughout the process. If you ever experience water quality issues, feel free to contact TNG Utility Corp. at 281-350-0895.

Newsletter Issue on its way.
Posted: Jul 22, 2016 12:40pm

Click here for a copy of the 2nd 2016 newsletter issue covering the following topics:

  • Hurricane Preparedness
  • Resident Emergency Notification
  • Bond Update
  • Teaming Up to Conserve Water

Welcome to HCFWSD #52

Harris County Fresh Water Supply District No. 52 has proudly been providing water and sewer services to the Champions community since the District was created over 50 years ago, on January 19, 1961. This particularly lovely area of northwest Harris County - guarded by stands of stately oaks and southern evergreens and traversed by gentle streams - grew and prospered by the late 1950's as Houston emerged as one of America's super-cities. The influx of new families preferred wooded home sites, so Champions and other premier subdivisions thrived. In 1977, The Wall Street Journal heralded the area as the "fastest growing community in the United States".

Champions' residents continue to enjoy a great quality of life, in homes nestled among mature trees, near all the conveniences of fine dining, excellent recreation and shopping venues. While a good supply of quality water is at the foundation of our community, we are undergoing a transition from our traditional reliance on groundwater wells to surface water. This conversion has been mandated by the Harris-Galveston Subsidence District in order to arrest subsidence and to allow our groundwater aquifers to recharge. To accomplish this massive undertaking the North Harris County Regional Water Authority was created in 2000 to be the single entity to oversee the construction of an entirely new water delivery infrastructure.

We hope that you will visit our website often for current information about our water supplies and how to use them more efficiently. This new website—which complements our newsletter, is provided to promote communications with our neighbors and customers.

Board of Directors
Harris County Fresh Water Supply District No. 52

Bob Pryor, President
William S. Dillon, Vice President
Jeffrey Kanaly, Secretary
Scott B. Chenoweth, Treasurer
Austin Ross, Assistant Secretary

Resident Awareness

When you see a water leak or find a water/wastewater related issue be sure to report it to your District operator at (832) 509‑0409. You can submit photographs and videos to