Board Vacancy Notice

Dear Residents,

Champions Municipal Utility District (the “District”) has recently been informed that the most recent appointee to the Board of Directors (the “Board”), Austin Ross, is moving out of the District and will be resigning from the Board.

In view of the District’s great interest in Community input and satisfaction, the Board would like to take this opportunity to formally request that any person interested in serving on the Board submit a letter of interest describing the individual’s qualifications to serve on the Board of Directors, along with a résumé or curriculum vitae to

The individual that will be appointed by the current Board will need to be prepared to devote themselves to one regular meeting a month which usually lasts for approximately two to three hours depending on the items that are on the District’s Agenda for that meeting. The District’s regular meetings are held at 3 p.m., the second Monday of every month at John Wesley United Methodist Church off of Bermuda Dunes Drive. In addition to attending the regular District meeting, the individual will also need to be able to devote themselves to preparing for the meetings and reviewing various documents related to District business. Also, from time to time, the District will need to hold a special meeting, which will also require the attendance of the individual appointed. The term to be filled expires in May 2018, so the appointed Director will have to run for re-election next year.

The Board looks forward to receiving and reviewing the required information submitted by all those that are interested in being appointed to serve as Director Ross’s replacement.

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