June Meeting Summary

Welcome to the Champions MUD quick summary for June. 

The June 12th, 2017 Board meeting opened with a discussion and review of the draft minutes of the May 8th meeting. The motion passed and the minutes were executed. Director Ross announced that he will be moving shortly and plans to submit his letter of resignation. Director Chenoweth then suggested the Board consider appointing Tom Hargrove as a director to replace Director Ross. Mr. Hargrove was described as a developer in the community with past water board experience which could be valuable to the District. The Board then approved the Consent Agenda.

The General business portion of the meeting began with a discussion of the smart meter devices made by Beacon. The Beacon representative notified the Board that the quantity of devices has changed because the District has more 1” connections than originally quoted. Director Kanaly recounted an issue he experienced with leak detection on his test unit. The Beacon representative indicated that the meters require a minimum of 24 hours to detect a leak condition. Bill Rosenbaum, the District’s Engineer, reminded the board that the installation of the smart meters could result in a tremendous savings for the residents in the event that a resident has a water leak that never surfaces. What a resident could discover in 24 hours using a smart meter could take 30 days otherwise using a standard meter. Mr. Rosenbaum and Phillip Dautrich, the District’s Operator, suggested that the District could absorb some of the incurred cost of the smart meter upgrade by replacing them during the original meters replacement schedule. The Beacon representative mentioned that they are available to set-up booths at community functions to help residents sign up and provide training on how to use the smart meter features at no cost to the District. Simon Van Dyk, Triton Consulting Group, mentioned that educational videos could be added to the District’s website for those that could not make it to the signup and training sessions.  

The Board then discussed the Joint Powers effluent agreement. Andy Johnson, the District’s Attorney, noted that the District has submitted its suggested changes, along with the suggested changes received from Cypress Forest PUD and Champions Golf Course. Director Chenoweth noted that Champions golf course is aware that the District will not enter into an agreement with Champions golf course until the Joint Powers agreement is finalized.

Mr. Johnson stated that they are reviewing the website requirements for all of their districts. Mr. Johnson noted that the ethics policy does not directly address websites and that they would like to have the rules and requirements documented. Mr. Johnson recommended that the board table the ethics policy to be addressed at the next meeting.

Director Chenoweth discussed a prior meeting with Harris County to review the improvement project along Champions Drive. Director Chenoweth mentioned that the District has offered to provide financial assistance to the County project with regards to the drainage and landscaping portion of the improvement project. In return for signing a non-binding letter of intent the County has offered to pay for the feasibility study on the improvement project. The feasibility study is expected to be complete in the early portion of the first quarter of 2018. Following the completion of the study, the District can then choose whether or not to participate in the project.

George Blitch, the District’s Tax Assessor/Collector, reviewed his report before the board; stating that 91.4% of taxes have been received. Mr. Blitch indicated that he would be sending out a penalty notice to those individuals whose taxes remain uncollected. Karen Hoffpauir, the District’s Bookkeeper, reported that she had no additional items to discuss before the board.  

Mr. Dautrich reported that the landscape work for the water plant has been completed.  Mr. Dautrich also discussed how the consumer confidence report information should be distributed. Director Kanaly mentioned his concern with the nitrification levels reported at the May meeting.  Mr. Dautrich reported that those hotspots within the District have been flushed several times since then and that they would be installing additional auto-flushers in these hotspots.

Director Pryor noted his concerns of sinkholes in the District which could indicate possible collapsed storm sewer drains. Director Ross recommended that the board have Bill Rosenbaum, the District’s engineer, contract television inspection service of the storm sewer lines where the District is having drainage issues. The video evidence gathered would then be provided to Harris County as a means of expediting repairs.

Simon Van Dyk requested approval to perform updates to the website backend which includes an update to the emergency alert system, making it simpler for residents to sign-up.

Mr. Johnson further discussed the Joint Powers Agreement with the Board. Director Chenoweth expressed concern from earlier negotiations with the Joint Powers Board that in the original draft of the Agreement the Joint Powers Board would have had control of the effluent water after 20 years. Director Chenoweth stated that since the District would be expending costs to contribute to the infrastructure of the Joint Powers System to produce effluent water, the force main and the return line, that the District needs to retain some control of the effluent in perpetuity.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, a resident was concerned that the board had not considered any additional candidates from the District to be appointed. Another resident requested information on how to sign-up on the nextdoor platform and also asked that the Board consider contacting a new resident who has a collapsed driveway. A third resident asked a question about the power and responsibility of the District and whether the District maintained powers as fresh water supply district or a municipal utility district. Mr. Johnson responded that roughly 20 years ago Harris County Freshwater Supply District No. 52 (Now Champions Municipal Utility District) converted to a Municipal Utility District.

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