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Water Quality Update - 8/23/22

Champions MUD (the District) continues to currently receive a majority of its water supply from North Harris County Regional Water Authority (NHCRWA) surface water while using its water well next to John Wesely United Methodist Church (Chicot Aquifer water source) to supply the remainder of the necessary water that the NHCRWA is unable to deliver to the District. The District continues to experience a significant drop in the number of water quality complaints from a few weeks ago, indicating that overall water quality has improved.

The District continues to routinely monitor and test the District’s water at the water plant and throughout the District water system to ensure that the District’s water meets all State and Federal drinking water requirements. Additionally, disinfection levels of the water supplied to residents are being monitored and remain stable.

The surface water the District receives from the NHCRWA currently has an earthy taste and odor and, while meeting all State and Federal drinking requirements, is a water quality issue that other water districts receiving surface water from the NHCRWA are experiencing. The NHCRWA believes that that the earthy taste and odor stems from a spike in Geosmin and Methyl-Isoborneol (MIB) levels which are naturally occurring compounds found in Lake Houston. For more information on the NHCRWA surface water and its earthy taste and odor, please see the information from the NHCRWA and posted HERE.

Some individual residents with carbon filters installed in their home for water filtration have stated that they have not experienced any earthy taste or odor in their water and that carbon filters may be helpful to those residents who do experience an earthy taste or odor in their water. The District will continue to monitor this situation closely and will update you though our website or on the emergency alert system as needed.

If you continue to have water quality issues, please contact EDP at (832) 467-1599 so we can work to resolve individual situations.


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