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Water Quality Update - 8/30/22

Champions MUD (the District) continues to currently receive a majority of its water supply from North Harris County Regional Water Authority (NHCRWA) surface water while using its water well next to John Wesely United Methodist Church (Chicot Aquifer water source) to supply the remainder of the necessary water that the NHCRWA is unable to deliver to the District.

The District met in a public meeting with Al Rendl, the President of the Board of Directors of the NHCRWA, regarding surface water and the NHCRWA and Steve Grychka of Water Utility Service regarding treatment of water from the Jasper Aquifer. A lot of good information was exchanged between the District, NHCRWA and Water Utility Service on the water quality issues the District experienced this Summer and how to best prevent future District water quality issues. The NHCRWA is working on additional plant improvements projected to be completed by Summer 2023 in order to have greater surface water supply to meet water supply needs year-round, even in drought like conditions experienced this Summer. Additionally, based new information about the Jasper Aquifer, the District is creating new procedures for how to operate the District’s water system and treat the District’s water when it is necessary to draw water from the Jasper Aquifer to meet the water demand in the District.

The District is committed to provided residents safe water and stable water quality and has undertaken several projects in the last year to improve and stabilize the District’s water quality, including initiated water main replacements, added a polyphosphate system and generator at its water well next to John Wesely United Methodist Church (Chicot Aquifer water source) to improve dependability and decrease discoloration issues, and reached an agreement with the NHCRWA for a dedicated surface water supply line directly to the District without going through another water district’s system and old water lines.

The District continues to routinely monitor and test the District’s water at the water plant and throughout the District water system to ensure that the District’s water meets all State and Federal drinking water requirements. Additionally, disinfection levels of the water supplied to residents are being monitored and remain stable. The District continues to experience a significant drop in the number of water quality complaints from a month ago, indicating that overall water quality has improved. Due to improved and stable water quality, this update will be the final weekly update unless a water quality update is warranted by a change in the District’s water conditions.

If you continue to have water quality issues, please contact EDP at (832) 467-1599 so we can work to resolve individual situations.


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