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Twenty Year Vision​


Twenty Year Vision​

"Working for You"

In 2015, recognizing that the Champions Community’s public infrastructure was aging and that residents’ quality of life preferences are not what they were when the community was first developed, Champions MUD began an initiative called “Champions Community Vision - A Plan for Action -- 2015 and Beyond.” With the help of the SWA Group, the Board solicited input from the community to guide the effort. Champions MUD held several workshops to develop a long-term plan to maintain and improve community infrastructure, underground utilities, streets, and recreational amenities. The goal was to make Champions a preferred community in which to live and raise a family and to follow the trend across many local utility districts in Houston to be proactive about planning for the future and preserving value.

Champions Drive Improvement Project

Champions MUD collaborated with Harris County Precinct 4 on a major improvement project for Champions Drive from FM 1960 to Cypress Creek. Started in 2018, the project was completed in Fall 2020. Two lanes of asphalt were replaced with two lanes of concrete, which is more durable and requires less maintenance. The project also included an innovative drainage system based on ancient Roman technology to help mitigate flooding during heavy rain events. An underground channel of 13,335 crates wrapped in permeable fabric and surrounded by gravel helps expedite absorption of water. The channel is designed to convey as much as 2.5 million gallons of water. The hardscape work was enhanced with new landscaping providing a fresh new look to the heavily-traveled roadway.

Paradise Valley Park & Trail Project

In keeping with the residents’ desire for additional recreational amenities, Champions MUD partnered with Champions Community Improvement Association and a grant from Texas Parks & Wildlife Department to build a new walking/jogging trail between Bermuda Dunes Drive to Strack Road.

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