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Report a Problem

Have you ever noticed standing or flowing water in an area of your neighborhood that doesn’t belong there? What about a busted water line or sprinkler gushing into the street? If the water you see pouring into the street comes from public water lines then that water was paid for by you and other taxpayers.

We want your help

In an effort to improve and maintain area infrastructure we ask that you, our resident, take part in our awareness campaign to help keep up the integrity of our water and sewer systems in optimal condition.

What are we requesting?

Simply put, we're asking residents to be aware and mindful of water and sewer related problems and to do their part by reporting the problem areas.

The faster a problem is reported, the faster it can be remedied. By providing your insight, we all benefit.

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If you see a water or sewer problem, report it!

When you see a water leak or find a water/wastewater related issue submit a problem report below or report it to your District operator at (832)-467-1599.

You can submit photographs and videos to

In 2014, districts on average lost over $56,000 of treated water. By reporting leaks and water/wastewater issues you can help keep this money in your own and your neighbors’ pockets.

The following issues can result in either wasted taxpayer dollars or health and safety hazards and should be reported with a problem report or to your District operator at (832)-467-1599.


  • Leaking or standing water or sewage

  • Discolored water

  • Low pressure or vacuum in water lines

  • Sunken or elevated manhole covers

  • Flooded storm drains

  • Strong odors from sewer or water

  • Sewage backup

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