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Water Quality Update - 8/16/22

Champions MUD (the District) continues to currently receive approximately 70% of its water supply from North Harris County Regional Water Authority (NHCRWA) surface water while using its water well next to John Wesely United Methodist Church (Chicot Aquifer water source) to supply the remainder of the necessary water that the NHCRWA is unable to deliver to the District. The surface water the District receives from the NHCRWA currently has an earthy taste and odor and, while still safe to consume, is a water quality issue that all water districts receiving surface water from the NHCRWA are experiencing.

As the NHCRWA has recently become less reliable in its ability to consistently meet the water demand of the District, the District is reviewing and will be updating its action plans for prolonged water supply interruptions by the NHCRWA. The District’s current emergency action plans focus on providing water safe for consumption on a dependable basis. The review and update of the District’s action plans will include a focus on the quality of the water (taste, color and odor) supplied to residents when the NHCRWA cannot meet the full demand of the District through surface water for a prolonged periods of time, such as this Summer. The goal in reviewing and updating the action plans is for residents to dependably receive safe water for consumption as well as experience as little taste, color, and odor issues as possible when District’s water source is changed. However, providing disinfected, safe water for consumption on a dependable basis will always be of the upmost importance for the District.

Disinfection levels of the water supplied to residents remain stable and have improved the quality of water from a few weeks ago. The District has experienced a significant drop in the number of water quality complaints over the last week, indicating that residents are actually seeing improved water quality. The District will continue to monitor this situation closely and will update you though our website or on the emergency alert system as needed.

If you continue to have water quality issues, please contact EDP at (832) 467-1599 so we can work to resolve individual situations.


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