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Security Survey Results

Champions MUD recently asked our residents to give thier feedback regarding security within the District. We saw more than 250 responses and would like to thank everyone that participated and made thier voices heard.

As a reminder, the survey began with this language:

The Board of Directors of Champions MUD is exploring the possibility of assuming the responsibility of enhancing security for the entirety of our District. These enhancements would either complement or replace any existing security measures currently in place and paid for directly by various HOAs within the District.

Enhancements may include:

  • 100% dedicated police coverage (24/7) of the entire Champions MUD area by either the Sheriff’s or Constable’s office.

  • Installing a district-wide camera network with locations at the main entry points of the District. These cameras use recognition of make, model, color, or license plate to automatically identify vehicles entering our area that may be associated with a crime or a known criminal. That information can be relayed to law enforcement officers in their vehicles patrolling our area in real-time. The system can interface with TCIC (Texas Crime Information Center), NCIC (National Crime Information Center), and other available “Hot Lists” of vehicles.

The total cost for the District to provide these security services is estimated to be $40 per month, per house, but could be partially offset by a decrease in direct security spending by HOAs (depending on the HOA). The cost of security would be added to each Champions MUD Monthly Water Bill.

This is an initial survey to assess community interest and gain input on this initiative. 

Any feedback is greatly appreciated by the Board.

The results of the survey are graphed below.


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