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Ezee Fiber Installation Within the Right-of-Way

Ezee Fiber is currently working within the public road right-of-way placing fiber optic cables throughout Champions MUD and surrounding areas.  The right-of-way typically extends several feet from the curb of public streets and includes the sidewalk, if there is one. Many utilities may be within the public right-of-way, including gas, electric, water, sewer, drainage, internet, and telecommunications.

The right-of-way is owned and controlled by Harris County.  Champions MUD cannot control who operates or constructs within the road right-of-way.  Additionally, Champions MUD has not received any construction plan or schedule from Ezee Fiber despite repeated requests.

Similar to residents, Champions MUD is very concerned with Ezee Fiber’s method of construction within Champions MUD.  Champions MUD has critical pieces of infrastructure within the right-of-way where Ezee Fiber is conducting construction activities, including water lines, sanitary sewer lines, irrigation lines, water meters, fire hydrants, and shutoff valves, some of which have already been damaged by Ezee Fiber.

If you notice any water leaks within Champions MUD, please immediately contact Champions MUD’s operator, Environmental Development Partners (EDP), at (713) 395-3100.  Any additional information you can provide when reporting a leak will be helpful to Champions MUD in recovering the repair costs to Champions MUD facilities from damage caused by Ezee Fiber.  Information helpful in holding Ezee Fiber accountable for damages to District facilities may be license plate numbers of work vans, time and location of crews working in the right-of-way, company logos on work vans, pictures of work vans or pictures of crew working in the right-of-way.

Residents with damage caused by Ezee Fiber to personal or private property and need repair work (level the work area, repair sprinkler systems, replace sod/vegetation, clean trash, repair service lines, repair driveways/paving, etc.) will need to reach out to Ezee Fiber directly at:

General restoration – Construction Resolution Team: (346) 644-3788

Immediate Issues – Daniel Ramirez, Project Manager: (346) 250-5082



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