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Surface Water Update

Water Update for Summer 2023

Champions MUD’s primary source of water is surface water received from the North Harris County Regional Water Authority (the “Authority”) with supplementary water sources from Champions MUD’s Chicot Aquifer water well, Jasper Aquifer water well, and interconnections with surrounding water districts. Due to drought conditions during the Summer 2022, the Authority did not have the capacity to supply sufficient surface water to several water districts, including Champions MUD, to meet the water demand at that time. As a result, Champions MUD had to utilize its supplementary water sources during July and August of 2022, which created taste, smell and color issues when the Jasper Aquifer water was treated with the existing treatment method. While the water still met acceptable state standards for safe drinking water, the Champions MUD Board of Directors met with the Authority, a Jasper Aquifer expert, and its consultants on how to best prevent such taste, smell and color issues in future summers.

When Champions MUD met with the Authority in Fall 2022, it was anticipated that the Authority’s and City of Houston’s Phase 1 expansion of the Northeast Water Purification Plant (“NEWPP”) would be complete prior to the 2023 Summer, which the Authority said would provide the Authority with more than sufficient water service capacity during the dry, summer months to meet the demands of the water districts it serves. Unfortunately, the NEWPP expansion has experienced delays since then, and the Authority currently anticipates the NEWPP expansion Phase 1 being complete by the end of August 2023.

In case the Authority does experience capacity issues again this Summer, Champions MUD has put in place a new procedure with the goal of mitigating the issues residents experienced from the Jasper Aquifer water last year and has informed the Authority of this procedure in accordance with the Authority’s Rate Order. Champions MUD will utilize any available surface water from the Authority, its Chicot Aquifer well, and interconnections with other water districts prior to using the Jasper Aquifer water well. If it is necessary for Champions MUD to use the Jasper Aquifer to meet its demand, Champions MUD will adjust its disinfection system, in accordance with state guidelines, so that the Jasper Aquifer water does not cause the same quality issues experienced last summer. Additionally, Champions MUD is scheduled to complete a rehabilitation project to its Chicot Aquifer well at the end of the month for it to be in service for the remainder of Summer, if needed.

Any recent discolored water issues may have been due to discolored Authority water received. See If you experience any water quality issues, please contact Inframark, Champions MUD’s operator, at (832) 467-1599.

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